Download Free Islamic Ringtones

We have gathered close to100 ringtones which are free of music and have an Islamic theme. The reason for this compilation is to ensure that our homes and Masaajid are free of musical ringtones which are not permissible in Islam. It is very important that we replace musical ringtones as often our cell phones ring during salat and this is a major disturbance for the people and against the sanctity of the masjid. The most ideal setting for phones is to keep them silent while inside the masjid. Having the phone in vibrations is also good however even though it will not disturb others, vibration will cause a person to lose his own attention while praying. Many large companies have banned the usage of cell phones during executive meetings and particiapants are required to leave the phone outside in a locker prior to entering the meeting room. It would be ideal for Muslims to also leave the cell phones at home if possible so to cause least disturbance while in religious gatherings. Please share this page with your friends.


List of Free Islamic Ringtones for iPhones, Android Phones, Samsung Galaxy S and more...


To download, Right Click on the file name and select Save Target As. Transfer the files to your smartphone/cell phone using the appropriate transfer method.